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Musings, and Alice - Grotto of The Lilac Mermaid

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March 23rd, 2011

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06:21 pm - Musings, and Alice
I've been thinking a lot recently about how my reason for keeping this journal has really changed over the years. I hounded you guys to all get a journal way back in first year, because it was a way for us to keep in touch while we were all off in different places for school.

I look back now and I cringe at so much of what I wrote, because it mostly became "OMG ESSAY ANGST". And quizzes. Stuff that doesn't matter anymore. I mean, being able to talk about school problems was useful at the time, but I really wish now that I had written more about what my classes and professors were like, and other stuff that was going on. Not just flip, one- or two-line entries. It really became about who was reading what I wrote, and what feedback I would get. Now, as I look back through everything, I wish I had written more of it for myself, getting down 'on paper' everything that I'm going to want to remember.

Obviously, in the last couple of years, I really slacked off posting at all. A lot of that was obviously due to Facebook, because posting there reaches a much larger audience. But you don't really go back and look through stuff you've written on Facebook. At least, I don't. I'd like to be able to do that here, but there's so much missing.

Anyway, all this to say that I really want to make a concerted effort to post on here more often. Not primarily because I want you all to read it and comment (although I do!), but because I want to be able to look back on it myself.

So today, I attended Alice's 'celebration of life' thing.

It wasn't a funeral, and it was decidedly not religious, because that wasn't her thing, but it was really lovely. I don't know if she had a hand in planning any of it at all, but I'm pretty confident in saying that it's what she would have wanted.

Mom and I got there at the same time as a couple of Canterbury teachers, so we sat together. A whole bunch of teachers showed up eventually, which I thought was really nice. Mr Fitz, Mrs Barkley, Mrs Heisel, Mrs Minelli, Ms Short, Ms McCarvill. Even Mr Wiley was there! And the man I was sitting beside turned out to be one of her Journalism professors from Carleton. There were also a bunch of Canterbury alumni - Matt and AnaLori from Ortho, and Susie, Martha and Dave from Lit. It was really nice to see all those people there.

The actually ceremony basically involved various people getting up and giving speeches or reading poems. Her aunt read a poem that some Ottawa poet wrote about her when she was a kid, and her brother Scott read Invictus, which apparently became a favourite poem of hers in the last year. An Ottawa journalist (Ron Corbett) spoke about her as well. He had written a couple articles about her over the years, and he told a funny story about a letter to the editor that she wrote back in high school, and how even then she was a really great journalist.

One of the last speakers was a cousin of hers. He talked about what she was like organizing parties and sleepovers and things with the family, and how he was always at war with her over hockey, because he's a Leafs fan. I especially liked when he was talking about how her season's tickets kept getting closer and closer to the ice over the years - he said that, in a couple years, she would have been on the bench with the players. He also said that, even though he's a Leafs fan, he wishes the Sens could have won the Stanley Cup for her, since she was always their biggest fan.

After the ceremony, there was a reception upstairs, and we sat/stood around and talked for a while. We found out that her death was actually kind of unexpected ... I gather that she developed a chest infection fairly recently, and that turned into pneumonia. She died at home, which I think she would have preferred.

I know that a couple of her online friends have written to the Sens, to try to get them to have a moment of silence or something for her before their next home game, which I think is on Friday. I hope it happens!

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