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Books I read in 2015 - Grotto of The Lilac Mermaid

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January 2nd, 2016

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01:58 am - Books I read in 2015
As always, my favourites are in bold! Ask me for more information on any of them!

1. The Geography of You and Me (Jennifer E Smith)
2. Watch (Robert J. Sawyer)
3. Hild (Nicola Griffith)
4. The Moor's Account (Laila Lalami)
5. Bronze Summer (Stephen Baxter)
6. Butter (Erin Jade Lange)
7. The Island House (Posie Graeme-Evans)
8. The Sweetness of Tears (Nafisa Haji)
9. The Story of Owen: Dragon Slayer of Trondheim (E.K. Johnston)
10. The Frog Prince (Stephen Mitchell)
11. Wisdom's Daughter (India Edghill)
12. Atlantia (Ally Condie)
13. Asha (Malina Lo)
14. Lies We Tell Ourselves (Robin Talley)
15. Sacred Ground (Barbara Wood)
16. The Edge of the Earth (Christina Schwarz)
17. The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender (Leslye Walton)
18. Honeyville (Daisy Waugh)
19. The Glass Sentence (S.E. Grove)
20. Afterworlds (Scott Westerfeld)
21. The Only Thing to Fear (Caroline Tung Richmond)
22. She Rises (Kate Worsley)
23. Brides of Eden (Linda Crew)
24. Blue Lily, Lily Blue (Maggie Stiefvater)
25. The Bells (Richard Harvell)
26. Wonder (Robert J. Sawyer)
27. Dorothy Must Die (Danielle Paige)
28. The Perfume Collector (Kathleen Tessaro)
29. The Counterfeit Family Tree of Vee Crawford-Wong (L. Tam Holland)
30. Caleb's Crossing (Geraldine Brooks)
31. Frog Music (Emma Donoghue)
32. Prairie Fire (E.K. Johnston)
33. Orphan Choir (Sophie Hannah)
34. Sekret (Lindsay Smith)
35. Muse (Mary Novik)
36. Sorrow's Knot (Erin Bow)
37. Fangirl (Rainbow Rowell)
38. Abdication (Juliet Nicholson)
39. The Compound (S.A. Bodeen)
40. The Light Between Oceans (M.L. Stedman)
41. The Sisters Weiss (Naomi Ryan)
42. The Winner's Crime (Marie Rutkoski)
43. Above Us Only Sky (Michele Young-Stone)
44. Scarlet (A.C. Gaughren)
45. Gods Behaving Badly (Marie Phillips)
46. A Long Way Home (Saroo Brierley)
47. Salt and Storm (Kendall Kulper)
48. The Thunder of Giants (Joel Fishbane)
49. The Boy Who Lost Fairyland (Catherynne M. Valente)
50. The Temple Dancer (John Speed)
51. Epitaph Road (David Patneaude)
52. The Different Girl (Gordon Dahlquist)
53. The Apothecary's Daughter (Charlotte Betts)
54. The Shadow Scale (Rachel Hartman)
55. Head of State (Andrew Marr)
56. Illusions of Fate (Kiersten White)
57. The Shell Collector (Hugh Howey)
58. Great Sky Woman (Steven Barnes)
59. Pegasus (Robin McKinley)
60. The Just City (Jo Walton)
61. Dime (E.R. Frank)
62. Dark of the Moon (Tracy Barrett)
63. Ultraviolet (R.J. Anderson)
64. Time Riders (Alex Scarrow)
65. Shine, Coconut Moon (Neesha Meminger)
66. Conquistadora (Esmerelda Santiago)
67. Forgiveness 4 You (Ann Bauer)
68. The Lady and the Unicorn (Tracy Chevalier)
69. Antigoddess (Kendare Blake)
70. Home (Julie Andrews)
71. The Lost Girls (Laurie Fox)
72. Pantomime (Laura Lam)
73. The Mermaid's Sister (Carrie Anne Noble)
74. The Choosing (Rachelle Dekker)
75. The Prophetess (Barbara Wood)
76. The Girls at the Kingfisher Club (Genevieve Valentine)
77. Under a Painted Sky (Stacey Lee)
78. Endgame: The Calling (James Frey)
79. The Dog Master (W. Bruce Cameron)
80. Ticker (Lisa Mantchev)
81. The Golden City (J. Kathleen Cheney)
82. Rebel Mechanics (Shanna Svendson)
83. The Boleyn King (Laura Andersen)
84. After the End (Amy Plum)
85. Salvage (Alexandra Duncan)
86. The Gracekeepers (Kisty Logan)
87. Ask Me No Questions (Marina Budhos)
88. Seed (Lisa Heathfield)
89. Against a Darkening Sky (Lauren B. Davis)
90. The Anatomist (Federico Andahazi)
91. The Queen of the Tearling (Erika Johansen)
92. Eden West (Pete Hautman)
93. Balm (Dolen Perkins-Valdez)
94. The Children Act (Ian McEwan)

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